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Why it matters

Helping practices grow.

We created PatientEdge to enable medical professionals and practices to reap the benefits from a complete marketing strategy that accelerates growth by seamlessly connecting with new patients… without all of the development time and work.

Our mission is make patient acquisition, communication, and reputation management easier than ever before.

There’s no question that the internet is the dominant source for finding information worldwide and healthcare is certainly not an exception. While busy healthcare providers and practices strive to deliver the best level of care for their patients, there just isn’t enough time in the day to develop and execute a comprehensive patient lead generation system, fully accurate and professional online presence, and cover reputation management. This is where PatientEdge comes in.

Healthcare professionals and practitioners need effective digital solutions to acquire new patients, communicate conveniently, generate reviews and manage their reputations in order to succeed in their markets. We’ve built an all-encompassing platform to modernize and optimize your practice to deliver the best patient experience at every step of the patient journey.

We’re a team of medical professionals and digital experts that created a complete solution for medical practices.
— PatientEdge

Managing patient leads from multiple sources like websites, landing pages, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and others is overwhelming. Or if you are not getting the volume of patient leads that you need, then you need a solution stat!

Your practice needs to be able to bring in new patients, schedule appointments, manage and communicate with existing patients, decrease no-shows, improve productivity and profitability, all with a clear understanding of your rate of return for each source of patients while providing the best level of care in your market. Sound easy?

This is why we created PatientEdge. A platform for medical practices to manage their entire online presence, deliver a seamless experience that makes it easy for patients to book appointments, communicate with administrators, and leave reviews for your practice.

Integrations with healthcare directories, search engines, social media platforms, and digital advertising enhances the digital presence of private medical practices across all specialties and increases your credibility, increases patient trust, and grows your business.

Gain the Edge

The latest in digital innovation, with flexible contract terms.

Our dedicated team guides your practice every step of the way, from setup and implementation to high-speed growth. The PatientEdge platform quickly gets your practice up and running with a strong online presence and patient lead generation synced with the tools that your office uses.

PatientEdge provides a complete platform that enables practice providers to see exactly how their practice can grow with digital.

Grow your practice.