patient acquisition

Social media marketing.


Connect and engage with new patients.

Enhance your practice online presence even further by establishing a social media marketing strategy that engages with potential new patients in your market.

Connect your social profiles to your PatientEdge app and enable direct appointment scheduling for new patients. Measure the rate of return of your social media results in real time on your app dashboard.

Share informative content

  • Grow your social media following with monthly custom content that pertains to your specialties and local market.

Grow Engagement

  • Engage with users in your local market. Enable potential new patients to book their first appointments seamlessly from social media.

Build Trust

  • Enhance your social profiles with up-to-date practice information, descriptions, and the latest features in social media.

Enable Referrals

  • Your professional social media profiles will make things easy for users to share with friends and family and generate referrals for your practice.

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Stand out from the noise with social media marketing provided by PatientEdge.

Gain the edge in practice growth with PatientEdge. Contact us today to learn more about how we can accelerate your practice growth.

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